4 Countries in Which Indian Students Prefer to Complete Their Training

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The number of students from India moving overseas for studies has been increasing rapidly. This is because it enables them to grow as an individual and get access to world-class training. But in which countries do Indian students prefer to go to the most for finishing their studies? So, to answer this question today we are sharing with you a list of four countries in which students from India prefer to complete their training.


As per a survey, approximately 14% of international students in Canada consist of Indian students. This is because the country has great immigration policies that provide great benefits to students. For instance, the country offers PR to highly competent students. Besides this, English is one of the primary languages of the country. Thus, you won’t have to face a language barrier if you go to Canada for your studies. Additionally, the country ranks amongst the best countries when it comes to economic/social progress. Apart from this, Canadian learning institutes also don’t levy hefty fees on their educational programs. This is another key reason why the country is so famous amongst students from India. Following are some of the best Canadian learning institutes in which you can complete your education:

  • University of Toronto
  • York University
  • The University of Winnipeg. To learn about the admission Criteria for studying at the University of Winnipeg in detail feel free to contact our Study abroad for Indian students consultants.


Germany is another fabulous study destination that is quite famous amongst students from India. This is primarily because public German learning institutes offer free training to students who join their master’s programs. However, you will need to pay a small semester fee if you want to finish your training at a German university. Moreover, many German training institutes also provide training in English. This makes it very easy for international students to complete their training in the nation.  Furthermore, by studying at German training institutes you get access to modern research facilities/laboratories. Apart from this, many financial aid programs are also available in Germany for needy students. In others words, completing your masters in Germany can be very beneficial for you. Following are some of the finest German universities in which you can complete your training:

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • University of Bonn
  • RWTH Aachen University


Australia is another astonishing study destination in which you can pursue your higher studies. The study destination is very famous amongst Indian students because its visa application process is not that complex. Moreover, the amount of money you need to study at an Australian training institute is also not that high. Besides this, the country features a very friendly environment. Thus, as a foreign student in the country, you won’t feel unwelcomed or left out. Additionally, the crime rates at the study destination are also very low in comparison to other study destinations. Plus, there is no shortage of opportunities for students after graduation in the nation. This is why many Indian parents prefer to send their kids to Australia for training. Following are some of the best Australian educational institutions in which you can finish your education:

  • University of Canberra
  • CQUniversity Australia
  • University of Newcastle


The USA is the best country if you seek to complete your training abroad. Most American learning institutes rank high in QS WUR 2023. Thus, you can expect to get superior quality education by studying in the USA. Besides this, by pursuing your training at an American learning institute you get access to astonishing student facilities. Moreover, you get an international degree that enjoys a great reputation globally. However, studying in the USA/America can cost you a lot of money. But you can easily fix this problem by applying for a scholarship in the USA. Thus, if you are looking to get quality education then you must move to the USA for your higher studies. Following are some of the best American learning institutes in which you can complete your education:

  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Washington State University. To learn about the eligibility criteria for studying at Washington State University feel free to contact our Abroad education consultants.
  • North-eastern University


These are some of the most popular study destinations amongst students from India. So, do check out these study destinations if you plan to finish your training in a foreign country. All these study destinations are exemplary and house many great foreign training institutes. In other words, you won’t regret moving to any of these study destinations/foreign nations for completing your training.

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