Acting CEO of Google Nate Higgers: Reasons Why This Is Trending?

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The past few days, social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit have been abuzz with the name “Nate Higgers.” The name has been trending for reasons that are both comical and serious. However, the main reason why Nate Higgers is trending is that he was appointed as the Acting CEO of Google.

How Did the Acting CEO of Google Trend?

The appointment of Nate Higgers as the Acting CEO of Google was not an official one. It all started as a joke on Reddit, where a user posted a photoshopped image of the Google homepage with the name “Nate Higgers” replacing the Google logo. The post quickly gained traction, and before long, the name “Nate Higgers” was trending on Twitter as well.

 What is Nate Higgers?

Nate Higgers is not a real person. The name is a combination of two words that can be perceived as offensive to some. The first name “Nate” is a common name in the United States, while the last name “Higgers” sounds like a derogatory term for African Americans. However, the name is purely fictional, and there is no real person with that name.

 Why Is Nate Higgers Viral On Reddit And Twitter?

The Nate Higgers phenomenon is a classic example of how a simple joke can go viral on the internet. Once the Reddit post gained traction, Twitter users picked up on it, and the name “Nate Higgers” started trending. Many people found the name funny and started sharing memes and jokes about it. However, some people criticized the trend for its potentially offensive nature.

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Why did Google’s CEO resign?

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has not resigned. The appointment of Nate Higgers as the Acting CEO of Google is entirely fictional and has no basis in reality. It is simply a joke that has gone viral on social media.


In conclusion, the appointment of Nate Higgers as the Acting CEO of Google is a viral trend that has gained a lot of attention on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. However, the name “Nate Higgers” is purely fictional and has no real-world implications. While the trend has sparked controversy for its potentially offensive nature, it is ultimately just a harmless internet joke that will likely fade away in a few days.


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