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Getting Apple Watch discounts is becoming more difficult every day. There are some excellent bargains available, but they frequently end as quickly as they begin. We’re here to help you uncover the finest Apple Watch deals that are now available since the following significant retail holiday isn’t until late May.
We are looking everywhere for the best prices and bringing them to you. Here are the finest sales currently being offered, whether you’re looking for discounts on the Apple Watch Series 3, SE, or the new Apple Watch 8.

Amazing Apple Watch Deals

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1. First-generation Apple Watch SE at $199

For those looking to get started with an Apple Watch without breaking the bank, the Apple Watch SE (1st Gen) continues to be a popular option. The watch, which is still a fantastic option for the majority of people, lets you keep track of all your daily activities, including walks, runs, HIIT exercises, tai chi, and yoga.

With a built-in compass and real-time elevation readings that are perfect for hikers, you can also keep track of your caloric expenditure and the steps that are taken. Additionally, there are extensive notifications to prevent you from grabbing your phone, high and low heart rate alerts, and a warning if your heart rate suddenly becomes irregular.

2. Apple Watch SE starts at $240

The cost-effective Apple Watch SE has decreased. The new models’ starting prices, each $30 less than the equivalent 2020 model, are $249 for the 40mm and $279 for the 44mm when they are not on sale. According to Apple, the updated Watch SE will operate 20% faster than the original SE thanks to the new S8 processor.

The Series 8’s temperature sensor and car-crash detection features are also included in the new SE. The only current discount we can find for the Watch SE is at Amazon, where you can save a pitiful $9 on either side.

3. For $396, Apple Watch Series 6 GPS + Cellular

When you have an Apple Watch with cell service, you can go on hikes and exercises without needing to bring your phone. During trial workouts, you can call, text, and get directions using the Apple Watch Series 6’s GPS and cellular capabilities while leaving your iPhone at home. When the stock is gone, we don’t anticipate a restock because it is on clearance at Best Buy.

4. Apple Watch Ultra At $780

The most durable and functional Apple Watch currently available is the Watch Ultra. It is larger and thicker than the Series 8 and features accurate GPS tracking and sensors that can measure diving-related metrics. It supports GPS and LTE and is only available in one size and configuration.

5. Apple Watch Series 7 at $385

Finding the Series 7 in stock is becoming increasingly challenging. Amazon offers more pre-owned than new models, and the discounts on the new models are insufficient to justify choosing the Series 7 or the most recent Series 8.

While the Series 7 does not have the temperature sensor found in the new Series 8, it does have a number of useful health features, such as the ability to measure electrocardiograms and blood-oxygen saturation. Additionally, it has an always-on display.

6. Apple Watch Wristcam Video Watch Band at $169

The Wristcam Video Watch is a thin band that enhances your Apple Watch with 8MP and 2MP camera lenses. You can use the cameras to record your surroundings or to conduct live video chats using your wrist.

The lenses can record video in 1080p at 4K resolution. It has 8GB of internal storage and is IP68 certified (water and dust resistant). It is now $100 cheaper.

7. Apple Watch Series 3 at $199

The cost of the Apple Watch 3 has been reduced to $199 by Apple. It consequently became the most affordable Apple Watch you could find.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is still a great smartwatch even though it is considered an entry-level model. It has a lot of the same features as the more recent models, including reliable fitness tracking, a water-resistant design, and Apple Music streaming capabilities. The two main drawbacks are that you don’t have access to the ECG app, which measures the electrical activity of your heart, and that the design is a little out of date.

On Black Friday, the price of the Apple Watch 3 (38mm/GPS) dropped to an all-time low of $129. It was a fantastic Apple Watch deal that we most likely won’t see until the following significant holiday. The good news is that the Apple Watch 3 is frequently discounted to $169 or $189. However, act quickly because thiese Apple Watch deals frequently sell out.

8. Apple Watch SE 2 at $219

Over the previous version, the Apple Watch SE has received some improvements, including a new, brighter screen and longer battery life. There is also a new “Low Power Mode” that ought to extend the life of your battery even further. This is the model to pay close attention to if you’re looking for Apple Watch deals.

Final Words

There are some great deals currently available for the Apple Watch, whether you’re in the market for the latest model or a slightly older version. With discounts on both the Series 7 and the SE, as well as previous models like the Series 6 and the Series 3, there’s never been a better time to invest in an Apple Watch.

Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness routine, stay on top of your work and personal life, or simply want a stylish and functional accessory for your wrist, the Apple Watch has something to offer. And with these deals, you can get all the features you need at a price that won’t break the bank.

So, if you’re thinking about buying an Apple Watch, now is the time to do it. With so many great deals available, you’re sure to find the perfect watch to fit your needs and budget.


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