Custom Lip Gloss Boxes; the Best Way to Promote Your Cosmetic Brand

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Lip gloss is a quick fix for your dull face. But do you need help to choose the right one? No problem, lip gloss boxes are here to help you. It educates the consumers about the custom lip gloss boxes type, application, benefits, shelf life, and price. As a result, it saves their time and money and lets them pick the right product.

But from time to time, several brands step into the beauty business. Obviously, the customers have a lot to choose from, but it’s also becoming hyper-saturated. Therefore, with expert game-changer tips, you can smoothly sail.

Are you excited? Perfect! So let us crack it.

Custom lip gloss boxes with logo

What is the purpose of a custom box? Well, it secures the product and saves it from potential harm. And the branded logo also does the same. It protects your brand image and saves you from copycats. So, a prominent logo is a must-have.

You can pick any logo design, style, shape, or color to set your brand apart. And you can make it flashy and attractive with hot foil stamping. You can choose rose gold, silver, copper, golden, blue, or green foil. And it is transferred to the custom printed lip gloss packaging with high pressure and heat. The final result? It gives the specific artwork or texts an exclusive look.

Durable custom boxes

What is the shape of the lip gloss tube or container? It is elongated and sleek. And the container can be of glass or plastic. Therefore, custom lip gloss packaging is important to protect it from damage. For example, if you are shipping bulk quantities, so there are chances of product damage.

When the boxes are stacked upon each other, it might result in the shattering or squeezing of the tubes. So durable custom packaging is very much needed. It can withstand high pressure and weight. So, you can opt for corrugated, cardboard, kraft, or rigid stock.

Reverse tuck end style

Do you know the best part of the cosmetic business? It always excites customers with its glittery products and colorful packaging. However, reverse tuck end is the most common packaging style. It is perfect for packing individual lip gloss.

Plus, its sleek and sophisticated box style is eye-catching and handy. Hence whether you are on a trip or going to the workplace, you can always carry your favorite gloss. And the brands even love the reverse tuck end style. It takes minimum space on the retail shelves and grabs the customer’s attention.

Lip gloss boxes

Counter display custom lip gloss boxes

Does the beauty shop or the drug store ever fascinate you? Since childhood, girls always love to stand by and stare at shimmery makeup products. And especially the products placed at the cash counters. Yes, these boxes are called counter display packaging.

They are available in beautiful colors, themes, designs, and styles. And it is well known for its unique style. Above all, the brands love it because it greatly increases the sales rate.

Hence you can display the latest lip gloss collection in a countertop display box. And make it informative by printing important product details.

Hang tab packaging

The moment you enter the makeup stores, you are bombarded with zillions of products. And at times, it becomes hard to find and pick your favorite custom cosmetic boxes at wholesale. However, the hang tab boxes are the best! You can pick boxes with die-cuts, two-piece, or reverse tuck end and attach the tabs on the top. It reaches the customer’s eye level and grabs their attention.

Besides, it makes custom printed lip gloss boxes handy. They are easy to hang on the display stand or hooks. And the customers can easily review it and put it back. Hence it keeps the store organized and provides an ease to makeup lovers. And on top of that brings your cosmetic brand to the spotlight.

Inside printing

It is admitted that women have a special attachment to makeup products. They love to apply mascara, eyeliner, and foundation. But the entire look is complete with the lip gloss. Hence teenagers and women always carry their favorite gloss in purses, hand bags, and luggage. And that sums up its importance. Therefore, makeup brands pay special attention to wholesale lip gloss boxes.

And one of the most creative packaging ideas is inside printing. Yes, you can use stylish fonts to print the slogan or makeup tips. Moreover, you can add information about your upcoming makeup collection. Hence it boosts cross-selling and, at the same time, gives the users a premium unboxing experience.

Why choose us?

Custom lip gloss packaging is all about beautiful designs and colors. And it’s a whole new world within itself. But owing to the fierce competition, it is an uphill task.

But iCustomBoxes promises to provide top-notch packaging at reasonable rates. We give our 100% and always surpass the customer’s expectations.

Our estimators, sales agents, and graphic designers are here to help you throughout the process. Thus, you can place your order, and our team will get back to you.

Want to talk to our printing specialists? Feel free to connect with our in-house experts via email, call, or live chat. You can drop your packaging-related queries to or dial +1-800-347-2197. And our sales agent will give brilliant packaging solution.

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