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Concentrate on visual appearance to attract buyers

No doubt, the people of the modern era are obsessed with visual appearance. They only like those things which are presentable and beautiful. Even they judge any brand’s quality through its box presence. If it’s beautiful and customized exclusively, then the cost is worth it. Otherwise, it’s local and money wastage. So, if you sell your custom lotion boxes in plain standard boxes, how will you be stable or earn extra profit? when people will not even see your product? That’s the reason customization has become a mandatory part of any business to be noted.

Customize custom lotion boxes at economical rates

Do you want to customize lotion boxes but can’t afford custom packaging? Don’t worry. You will never be out of budget if you buy with us. Our rates are so cheap that any business can afford them easily. Also, you get premium quality with zero setup, die-cut fee, or tariffs. Besides that, we offer seasonal discount offers after a short period to support our customers. The new year 2023 sale is one of them, which is still available on our webpage iCustomBoxes. 

Five innovative to customize your lotion boxes perfectly in the market

Make the vision of the box attractive with a design or image

Nothing is more appealing and versatile than the unique design in custom packaging. But it should be according to your preference. That’s why we give our customers proper authority to choose to design the box themselves. Or send us your taste and specifications. Our designing expert will art that for you. However, if you have no idea about designing, you can console our design experts’ team. They are experts and will give you excellent advice. Here are iCustomBoxes contact details.

Enhance the design with PMS and CMYK color palettes

The way rain is complete with a rainbow, the box design is finished with funky shades. But the funky shades should be perfect and eye-catchy. Thus, the dull or faded saturation color must look more attractive and beautiful. Therefore, we give you the best PMS and CMYK color palettes to shade the box design perfectly. Both color schemes are mind-blowing and economical. But PMS gives you infinite color options. Also, it costs more than the CMYK four-color scheme.

Customize lotion boxes with significant details

Do you want people to know why your lotion is good for the skin? And about the new formula for skin care in winter? Write down that on the custom boxes surface through customization. It will help them understand the difference between your lotion brand and others. Or why it’s essential. If you want, send the full detailed script and guide us on where to customize it. Or you can leave that to our design experts. They will customize it with the box design so that the design looks more pleasant.  

Make an excellent first impression by using the brand logo

Do you want to impact strongly in buyers’ memory? Then must stamp the brand logo on the product packaging. But ideally in an exclusive way because people judge brand standards through its logo. Here are 2 suggestions to customize the brand logo in premium ways.

Suggestion # 1: (Use hot stamp foiling for sheeny finishing) 

Have you noticed the brand logo of the Gucci brand? It looks so shiny and sparkling that any gets attracted to it. It’s because of golden stamp foiling. If you want to give a premium touch to a brand logo like Gucci, use gold stamp foiling. However, the hot stamp foiling is available in all shades you like. Here are a few options.

  1. Rose gold foil
  2. Silver foil
  3. Hologram foil
  4. Copper foil
  5. Antique gold foil

Suggestion # 2: (Highlight the brand logo with embossing or debossing)

You can highlight and give a defined permanent brand logo with embossing and debossing. The embossing provides raised or elevated touch. On the other hand, debossing adds depth to the brand logo. Besides the brand logo, you can use embossing and debossing to highlight the design area. For better results, combine embossing and debossing with hot stamp foiling.

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