How Ammonia can damage your hair | What is it’s solution

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Have you ever thought how quickly and permanently hair can completely turn blonde from black? Ammonia is the main cause of it.


What is Ammonia?


Ammonia is chemical that are utilized in hair-dying products. What for? because it possesses the ability to reach the cortex of the hair and break the cuticle layer. Color deposition is made possible in this way.


Believe me. It’s more complicated than it looks.


One of the most absorbing materials is human hair. Seriously, read that. It is obvious that your hair will absorb ammonia if you apply it to it. Ammonia is also a nasty chemical. To enable the deposition of color, it must change the structure of the hair. The hair cuticle is affected. 

And why are hair cuticles so sensitive?


keratin and melanin. Melanin, the only element responsible for creating natural pigment in hair, makes up our hair cuticle. Additionally, keratin, a protein, controls the texture of our hair. These two individuals aren’t the most major things in our hair game, are they?


Ammonia interferes with both of them. Your hair’s structure is affected in this way. The use of ammonia enables the dying pigments to penetrate all the way to the center of the hair roots. The new color becomes so strong that it starts to look like a natural hair color. like you’ve always been blonde. You cannot change your genetic code, of course. Thus, ammonia has a variety of negative effects.


Ammonia is a warning sign:


Since almost all permanent hair colors contain ammonia, that should raise a bad sign for you.

Hair damage:

While ammonia may assist in achieving the ideal hair colour, it is important to be aware of any potential harm. due to the fact that it is putting colour inside the hair shaft. Damage is being done to it as a result of it sucking the moisture and pigment out of itself. Your hair can very easily become dry, brittle, frizzy, and difficult to manage as a result.

Hair loss:

If you continue to color your hair with ammonia, hair loss is the end result. because the hair roots become weaker as a result of frequent hair cuticle penetration. The moisture is removed from the strands. Without moisture, elasticity is lost, which eventually causes hair to split.

Grey hair:

While using ammonia dye doesn’t always make your hair turn completely grey. However, over time, it accelerates the process through which hair strands lose their natural colours. Consider it in this way. A metal is slowly but surely eaten away by the combined forces of air and water. Similar to this, frequent exposure to ammonia in the hair will cause it to lose its natural color, turning it grey.



 Permanent hair coloring can be addictive. Some folks simply can’t stop using their favorite color because they have taken a liking to it. After retaining the other look for a long period of time, it becomes difficult for people to accept and love their natural color.


Allergic reactions:

Ammonia can cause reactions in some people. Because it sets off their allergic reactions, the smell of ammonia, which is especially powerful, is unpleasant to them. On their first appointment, these patients consequently show a variety of reactions, including itching, redness, swelling, etc. Patients with asthma may experience discomfort, particularly from ammonia. When these patients breathe in ammonia fumes from hair dyes, their airways become inflamed and irritated.


Alternate solution of Ammonia

Think Smart, Choose Smart:

Do you find it difficult to quit coloring your hair? Or perhaps you’re someone who is quite hesitant to try a new hair color because you’re unsure if it will go well with your lovely features?

Whether you are among them or just want to make a wise and secure decision. You are safe with us.


Demi-Permanent hair dyes:

Between permanent and semi-permanent hair colours, demi-permanent hair dye is now considered as a wise choice. Demi-permanent options are chosen by those who are unable to accept either of the two.

Like semi-permanent colors, they are ammonia-free but last longer. Demi doesn’t permeate the hair cortex as permanent hair colors do. It just wraps the cuticle of the hair as it is applied to the outer layer of your hair strands. It is therefore more lasting than the semi-permanent variety and can last up to 24 washes, approximately.

Does that make sense? To decide if it’s worthwhile your time and money, let’s learn more information.

Demi-Permanent Color is a safe option:

Do you have an ammonia allergy? And you wish to see yourself at least once in your life with a different hair color? But you also lack the ability to maintain a demanding schedule? Demi-permanent is absolutely for you in that case.

No hair damage:

Demi-permanent colors shield hair from damaging effects by not including bleach or ammonia. Such colors don’t interfere with the natural pigment existing in your hair’s inner layer. The hair doesn’t become frizzy and dry because the natural moisture is kept.

No hair fall:

Demi-permanent hair dyes do not damage the roots like permanent hair dyes do. Why? Because they won’t risk penetrating your scalp, they are unable to access your hair follicles.

No grey hairs:

When you choose ammonia free colors, you won’t need to be concerned about your hair turning grey in the future. The creation of an environment where the hair follicles stop producing their natural pigment is not possible with demi-permanent color. because there is no deeper penetration of dyes and pigments into the follicles, which keeps them protected.

Keep coloring:

If you don’t feel like it, don’t stop colouring your hair or showing off your unique locks. Just be wise enough to select ammonia-free colors to prevent lasting damage.

Say bye to allergic reactions:

Since demi-permanent dyes don’t contain peroxide or ammonia. You don’t need to be concerned about experiencing side effects including skin irritation, redness, or inflammation. Choose demi-permanent colors with pleasure and confidence.

With Eazicolor demi-permanent safe series, be bold, be bright, and enjoy your own vibrant attitude. Because both your beauty and wellness are important.

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