How To Dress For a Night On the Town

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Getting ready for a night out is all about striking a balance between stylishness and ease of movement. The goal is to choose an outfit that works for the occasion, whether you’re going to a lavish dinner, a wild club, or a more laid-back lounge.

Simple is Key with Your LBD
When you’re looking to dress up an LBD for a night out, the key is to keep it simple. Choose a piece of jewelry that complements the dress without overpowering it. SUZANNE KALAN has some beautiful pieces that can do just that.

Their Sapphire collection has a range of earrings and necklaces that come in different styles, sizes, and colors. The Sapphire pieces are all set in 18K white, yellow, or rose gold and sapphires, so they’re sure to add a touch of glamour to your outfit.

Their sapphire hoop earrings are the kind of statement jewelry that can be worn with everything and yet make a person feel glamorous. There are several varieties of SK’s sapphire hoop earrings, but one of my favorites is the Bold Zigzag Dark Blue Sapphire Mini Hoops.

The sapphires in these earrings are set in an irregular pattern, which enables more light to shine through them, giving them a luxuriously glamorous appearance.

Show Off Your Sparkly Sequin Dress
Clubbing and lounge-hopping call for a more cutting-edge, risk-taking ensemble. Try some SUZANNE KALAN sapphire jewelry with that sequined outfit. Wearing a pair of rainbow sapphire hoop earrings and a bracelet will give your outfit an edgy feel.

The classic hoop shape is timeless and elegant, making them perfect for any occasion. The sapphire adds a touch of sparkle and sophistication, making them the ideal accessory for a night out.

Finish the look with a smokey eye, a dramatic lip, or a sleek hairdo. It’s important to remember that edgy fashion is all about taking risks and expressing individuality, so go ahead and play around with different looks and see what you like.

Play with Textures Casually
When going out for a more relaxed evening, it’s fun to experiment with fabric combinations like denim and silk or leather and cotton. Wear some SUZANNE KALAN jewelry with your go-to pair of jeans and a tee.

An easy way to dress up any outfit is with sapphire hoop earrings or a bracelet. Try a princess pastel sapphire mini hoop set by SUZANNE KALAN and a thick silver necklace for a more laid-back look.

Don’t try to do too much with your clothing; instead, pick out one or two standout items, such as a jacket or shoes. Keep in mind that the point of a casual outfit is to express your personality while remaining at ease and looking great.

Layer it Up!
To dress in layers for a night on the town, you can start with a base layer by choosing a thin, long-sleeved top made of a material that wicks moisture away from your skin, such as merino wool or synthetic fabrics. Put on a thicker, insulated layer, such as a fleece jacket or sweater, to provide warmth.

Finish with an outer layer by wearing a coat or jacket that is both windproof and waterproof to protect against the elements. Remember to accessorize. Add a scarf, hat, and gloves to further protect against the cold, and add some style to your outfit by putting on a dainty piece of sapphire jewelry by Suzanne Kalan.

The SUZANNE KALAN sapphire hoop earrings are a versatile accessory that will elevate any outfit. They are a must-have for any evening out because of how much they will help you to stand out. So feel free to give them a shot. You won’t regret it!

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