How to Find the Perfect Ring That Speaks Your Love Language?

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Heading to buy a beautiful ring for your spouse?

Well, no romantic proposal is complete without gifting her with a shining and alluring ring that glows even through the darkness.

A ring is not merely a precious piece of metal attached to a metallic backing. It carries emotions of ever-lasting love and affection. Putting a ring on someone’s hand fosters an emotional connection with them.

If you want to make that moment worthwhile, then consider investing in a top-notch quality gemstone ring like a turquoise ring or an opal jewelry ring. The timeless elegance and ethereal shimmer of this gemstone jewelry will always convey your love for her or vice versa.

Having said that, it’s also important to realize that buying gemstone jewelry rings might make you go through a lot of confusion in your head. And you may even end up buying a mediocre quality ring that might not be the best way to express your love.

Let’s see how to find the perfect ring that speaks your love language.

Be Specific About the Shape of the Ring

Jewelry lovers usually look out to adorn themselves with different shaped-gemstone that are close to their hearts.

And rings, being widely available in multiple shapes, serves this fantasy.

To make the best and the most unforgettable memories out of that romantic dinner date, you need to be damn sure about which shape your spouse or girlfriend will love the most.

Not only will it narrow down your ring hunt immensely, but will also be the most beautiful and charming surprise for the one you want to be yours!

Different shapes are prized differently in the market. For instance, round cuts are the most expensive in the market. On the flip side, pear and marquise cuts are comparatively cheaper than those classic round cuts.

It is better to be aware of different cuts and their rates. Have at least 2-3 ideas in your mind to avoid being chaotic at the jewelry outlet.

Choose the Gemstone for the Ring

Traditionally, gemstone rings were made up of precious stones like gold, platinum, diamond etc.

However, their sky-touching prices may be out of the budget for some people. That’s where semi-precious gemstones like opal, turquoise, moonstone jewelry etc. help to solemnize those weddings and engagements at affordable budgets, without any sacrifice upon beauty and quality.

Highly precious black opal jewelry is adored to be the most ideal stone to manufacture exquisite rings.

Turquoise and moonstone are considered to be a symbol of love and purity. So, even within a precise budget, you can plan the most amazing and beautiful surprise. Thanks to gemstones!

Have a Basic Idea About the Carat Size

When it comes to gemstone jewelry, what matters more than the size of the stone is its carat size. Or in simple words, its overall weight.

As far as rings, size is nowhere the primary concern. Simple, small and exquisite rings that shine like crystal are all your spouse-to-be would be dreaming about.

Usually, the price of the rings will tend to surge as more weight the gemstone would have.

In the case of precious stones like diamonds or rubies, even the lightest rings can cost you significantly high (even greater the quality and the beauty it will lend).

The only thing that you need to be concerned about is avoiding getting into the trap of fake gemstone jewelry.

Fraud jewelry players can stick you colossal pieces of gemstone rings, which are completely hollow from within. Go for quality, not size merely.

Choose The Correct Size

The worst nightmare could be that the ring could not fit perfectly on the finger of your bride-to-be.

Not only will it spoil the romantic vibe of that moment, but would also make you utterly overwhelmed and disappointed.

Even if you don’t want to disclose to your spouse about this surprise, just take the size of any of her rings. You can even simply consider the size of her index finger.

A ring should neither be hanging nor falling nor it should feel like a rubber band.

It should be comfortable and intact at the same time.

Remember, that gemstone ring is going to be the symbol of your bond and love.

Compare and Negotiate the Prices

Every piece of jewelry will price the gemstone differently based on the brand positioning. Although the rate would revolve around the prevailing market rate, still it could vary.

If you want to procure the best quality at the most beneficial deal, then be ready to undergo negotiation with jewellers. It’s your right, don’t hesitate.

Also, to be on the safer side, browse through the e-commerce websites to get a basic idea about the pricing on the internet.

Wrapping Up.

Be prepared to lie down on your knees to ask for the hand of your “queen-to-be. Adorn her hand with the most exquisite ring, that will lend an ethereal shine and shimmer.

That ring will always convey the love story that you both have shared and lived together. It’s going to be a real blessing for you.

Shop Gemstone Jewelry with us

At Rananjay Exports, we have entrusted you with the onus to surge the beauty and elegance of our beloved customers with 100% authentic, high-quality gemstone jewelry.

Happy Shopping!

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