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We bet you want that you have heard of influencers. What is an influencer? Who are influencers? What is influencer marketing? What can an influencer achieve for my brand? If you want to grow in social networks, increase your sales, and reach the top of your sector, this article is for you.


The term influencer marketing is commonly known, but not all of us have the exact idea of ​​what it is. Is an influencer famous? Is an influencer someone with followers on social networks?

Let’s start by defining the figure of the influencer. According to the RAE, an influencer is an “anglicism used in reference to a person with the ability to influence others, mainly on social networks.” In Spanish, this English voice would be translated as influential or influencer.

Therefore, to the questions that we asked ourselves at the beginning, an influencer may or may not be famous, and may or may not have followers. Although both premises are usually affirmative, the important thing is that this person, as his name indicates, influences people. In his purchasing decisions, his conception of brands, and even his ideology. The key is to influence.

Social networks are the main and favorite scenario of social networks in today’s digital world. Within social networks, we can find a huge range of possibilities, aimed at different audiences. Although they usually work on different social networks, each influencer has a favorite social network, either because of its possibilities or because of the audience they are addressed to. The specialization is such that today we talk about tiktokersInstagrammers, and YouTubers.

In these social networks, each influencer has a certain number of followers. Those people who have a community of between 5,000 and 10,000 followers are known as micro-influencers. It is from 10,000 followers when a profile becomes considered an influencer, and from 100,000 followers we can already talk about macro-influencers. We leave the term mega-influencers for those who have more than 500,000 followers.


When defining an influencer marketing strategy, we must define a series of issues that will be key to achieving our goals.


Before carrying out an influencer marketing strategy, we must think about our target audience.

In the event that the target audience we are addressing is susceptible to this type of strategy, we will select an influencer that works for this target, taking into account the following issues.

  • Age
  • Sex
  • likes and interests
  • Ideology

For example, when promoting a product for babies or a children’s show, we will opt for those influencer accounts that show their young children, the products they use, and the activities they do as a family. However, if we are dealing with a food brand, we will target those “kitchen” influencers, who specialize in making recipes and sharing them with their followers.

Sex is also an extremely important issue. We cannot use the same influencer to advertise a feminine hygiene product as to show a masculine garment. The same goes for age. In addition to the aforementioned case of babies, age is also a factor to take into account with products such as clothing, technology, and events.

Although it is hard to believe, the ideology of an influencer can make a user buy or not buy the shoes they are advertising. These public figures don’t just post ads. To reach the public and become a reference, they often talk about their lives, loved ones, tastes, and even ideology.

Therefore, for our strategy to work, we have to choose an influencer whose audience is similar to that of our brand.


Every marketing action with an influencer has an objective behind it. Among the most frequent and ideal to achieve with these public persons are:

  • Scope
  • Interaction
  • Image
  • Reputation
  • Sales
  • Traffic
  • positioning
  • Loyalty

Events with influencers are a sure bet to successfully achieve most of these goals. At these events, we can present our product, signed under the image of this influencer. In addition, users will have the opportunity to meet him in person, so we make sure attendees, who will finally see and try our product. The broadcast and the posts made on our social networks about the event, together with those published by the influencer, will get traffic to our website and a large number of sales of the product in question. That user are happy with their purchase and repeat, will be due in large part to the image transmitted by this influencer, but also to the quality of our product.

The image and reputation will come hand in hand with those of the influencer. For this reason, it is very important to study the trajectory of this person.


To check the success of your campaign, you should study the following KPIs after the action taken:

  • Reach: how many people have our publication reached?
  • Impressions: how many people have seen our publication?
  • CRT: how many of the people who have clicked have bought our product?
  • Audience: new followers.
  • Traffic: have visits to our website or product page increased?
  • Sales: have they increased?

You already know everything you can achieve by developing an influencer marketing strategy for your brand.

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