Pole Barn vs. Steel Barndominiums – What is the Difference?

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Planning a structure for a house is complex, and you have to think a lot to select the facility that is suitable for all your requirements. It is common to confuse the metal pole barn and the barndominium structure; you are at the right place. So, let’s explore! Here you will get an overview and comparison of both buildings.

Pole Barn vs. Steel Barndominium

Pole Barn

Whenever someone talks about pole barn structure, the first thing that comes to mind is its cost. As a structure with a simple design and configuration, pole barn structures are highly cost-efficient structures. The great recession was the reason behind the emergence of pole barn facilities.

The cost of building materials was rising continuously, and people were looking for cost-effective building solutions with low material and installation costs. And the solution they got was pole barn building, tailored around telephone poles as a support beam.

Because of the centralized beam support, there is no core requirement for a specific foundation for the structure. With minimum foundation requirement and installation time, the cost of a pole barn structure is significantly low compared to other facilities.

Steel Barndominium

Metal barndominium is renovated metal barn building specific to residential uses. Traditionally, the use of barn building was significant for storage, agriculture, and livestock housing purposes.

Barndominiums are simple barn structures upgraded to turn into a comfortable home. Since the emergence of prefab steel structures, metal barndominium buildings have been getting hype in the United States.

If you are planning for a residential facility on your farm that can accommodate all your functional and operational requirements related to the farm, including residential needs. Compared to typical barn structures, metal barndominiums are ample in size. With optimal durability, metal barn structures are best for residential and commercial uses.

Which One Should You Build

Selecting a particular metal building design for your property is a complex process. In this process, you must consider your functional and operational requirements. You can choose from a metal barndominium or pole barn structure based on your needs. Here are some considerations you can make to select one from both options.


When selecting one structure for your property, the first thing you should consider is your functional and operational requirements. In terms of functionality, applying prefab metal barndominium is entirely different from the pole barn structure.

In terms of stability and rigidness, barndominium structures are more effective. Even metal pole barns are also different from traditional wood pole barns. In terms of strength and sturdiness, these structures can serve you for decades without much maintenance and repair cost.

If you are considering the application of the prefab structure, steel barndominiums are specific to residential, corporate, and agricultural uses. In terms of size and design, barndominiums are vast. Because of this large size and complex structure, they are effective in terms of comfort.

For the application part, pole barn structures are dedicated to farming uses, including storage and livestock shelter purpose. Because of specific design and size specifications, pole barn structures are less preferable for corporate, commercial, and residential uses. So, according to your functional requirements, you can select any metal pole barn or barndominium structure.


The next thing that is most critical after the structure’s functionality is the budget. Your requirements might be out of the box, but you have to look for the budget part to be practical. With the availability of limited funds, you can not expect to plan a vital structure with a complex design. Somehow, it also depends on your functional requirements.

For example, if you are planning tor commercial or residential structure, comfort will be your priority. But there is no need to consider comfort level in a storage structure. Based on the level of comfort and complexity of the facility, metal barndominiums are slightly costs higher than metal pole barn structures.

Despite of budget, the primary selection depends on your function. If you are planning for a commercial or residential structure, you need to scratch your budget and design a comfortable and operational structure from all perspectives. And if your requirements are general, there is no need to spend much on design and other parts of the structure. You can save a lot by selecting a less complex design.

Ease of Installation

In terms of installation speed, all steel structures are simple in design and easy to install. It won’t take long to complete the installation of a prefab steel structure. But, installation time for building installation strictly depends on the structure’s size and design complications. If both metal barndominium and pole barn structures are tested on these measures, installation times come out different; due to complex design and large size, metal barndominiums can take more time in the installation process.


Now, after getting through all details, you know that the building selection process depends on all your requirements and capabilities. You can plan your metal building according to your needs and budget scheme.

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