The ultimate guide to exploring the best of Dharamshala tourism from Bangalore

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Dharamshala is one of the most famous places for many tourists. It offers great weather during the summer with scenic views of Dhauladhar range. The road trip to this station also offers views through deodar forest areas. It is a famous road trip place for many tourists. There are many tour and travels that provide comfy deals to visit this hill station. You can plan Bangalore to Dharamshala package tour with these travels. Moreover, you can visit many sites with Dharamshala tourism from Bangalore. You will find temples, museums, falls and Trekking sites here.

Dharamshala cricket stadium

The cricket stadium is one of the famous tourist places in Dharamshala. It is in the laps of Himalayan range and also one of the highest stadiums. Many international cricket matches have been held in this stadium. It is also a reason why this town is famous among young people. Moreover, you will find this stadium is open even when no matches are being played. There is the main stand of this stadium which is built in Tibetan artwork style. The visit to this stadium surrounded by the mountains, is a very pleasant journey.

Triund hill, a picnic spot

Triund hill is a famous day Trek place which has gained a lot of attention. Moreover, the peak of Triund hill is at a height of around 2800 meters. It is also a wonderful Trekking trail through the scenic view of Dhauladhar landscape. Triund hill is perfect for Trekking that offers scenic views of the entire Kangra valley. The Triund Trek is short and simple and can be done from Mcleodganj or Dharamkot. You will find first half Trek is inclined walk and second half is vertical climb.

Gyuto tantric monastery

Gyuto monastery is a gorgeous sites for tourists. It is also a home to Karmapa who is a divine leader in Tibetan Buddhism. Karmapa also holds public teaching once in a while. This place also houses many monks who are doing research on Tibetan Buddhist studies. It is also known for the studies and rituals of Tantric prayers and faiths. Gyuto was founded in 1959 and set to promote the black magic. Moreover, this place has taught people that black magic can be used for well being.

Bhagsung ancient temple

Bhagsung temple is surrounded by pretty pools and lush greenery. It is one of the oldest ancient temples around 3 kms away from Mcleodganj. This temple is also known as Bhagsunath temple and revered by local Gorkha and Hindus. There are two pools around this temple and are believed to be sacred. Many people believes that these pools have miraculous powers of healing. This grand temple is also surrounded by many tourist attractions. You can visit Dal lake and Kotwali bazaar here. Moreover, this temple is on the way to famous Bhagsu waterfall.

The Ancient Khangra fort

Khangra fort is on the outskirts of the town Kangra in the Himachal. This fort is witness to thousand of years of invasion, war and wealth. Moreover, this mighty fort traces its origins to the ancient Trigarta kingdom. It is the largest fort in the Himalayas and the oldest dated fort in India. This fort also has the lower valley of the Beas and its branches. Moreover, the fort has a rich backstory with the heritage of the royals who ruled. This fort has artwork of ancient style and can be reached by road.

Laka glacier trek

The Laka glacier Trek is also known as Snow line Trek. It is a 3 days beginner friendly Trek set in the Kangra valley. This Trek takes trekkers up to around 16000 feet above the sea level. It begins from Mcleodganj and goes farther than the Triund Trek. This Trek allows you to pass oak, pine trees and bushes. The Trek covers a distance of around 26 kms. Moreover, you will witness superb views of Dhauladhar mountain range in the end. You can enjoy Camping here with bonfire and eating hot meal.

Mcleodganj market

Mcleodganj is a famous town and has been visited by many actors. Many tourists also visit here from around the world to experience its beauty. You will also never forget the shopping experience here in Mcleodganj market. The local items of the place can be purchased such as Tibetan mats and carpets. It is the perfect place to see sights, soak in scenery and eat local food. You can grab some souvenirs and gifts from the local market to carry the feeling. Moreover, you can buy singing bowl that produce alluring melody.


The places of North India have so much beauty of nature. There are also many sites in this town to explore the nature. You can visit temples, gompas, forts, markets and museum here. These places can be explored with Dharamshala tourism from Bangalore. The above voiced are the places of this town that you must visit. Moreover, there are many sites in the town that offers many Trekking routes to explore.


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