Tips To Choose The Best Exterior Paint Color

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Exterior painting is an important aspect of your home as it can help significantly enhance the curb appeal of your property and present an inviting look to your family and guests. When you might search for Exterior Painters Near Me, choosing the right color for your home exterior can be a daunting task and here are a few tips to guide you through choosing the best exterior paint color for your beloved home.

Explore your surroundings

Much before you start the mission of painting your home exteriors, step outside and examine the hues of the homes in your neighborhood. The two approaches to learning from the neighborhood are here. You may either want to blend your home color to match with the pattern of the majority of homes or you may want your home to make a stunning difference from other homes. Linda Hayslett from LH Designs gives a tip, “If there are a bunch of white and gray homes, then a navy blue could be a nice color to stand out. That way, you don’t look too similar to other homes in your area.” It is also a good idea to blend with the nature around your home by choosing colors appropriately.

Check your interiors

In addition to exploring your neighborhood, you must also check your interiors and your exterior paint is what will set the narrative. To learn from your interiors, the tip Linda would give is, “It’s nice to have a cohesive feel with the interior when it comes to an exterior color. If you have dark greens throughout your house then considering something in that family will make your exterior really feel homier.”

In some cases, you may be able to see the exteriors from your indoors and you will not want the results on the whole to clash with each other. Therefore, choose the colors that will look fine from vantage point.

Test the swatches and go for a mockup

It is prudent to commit to an exterior color only after giving it a test run. IDCO Studio’s Anastasia Casey remarks, “Exterior paint colors often appear several shades lighter when applied to the entire house. Make sure to test paint swatches and check them throughout the day as the sun shifts.”

It will be highly useful to create a mockup that will project your exterior paint before you actually paint the home exteriors.  Lauren Sullivan of Well x Design explains, “Seeing everything together first in a small section makes it much easier to visualize and make adjustments—rather than after you’ve had your entire home painted in a color that doesn’t quite work.”

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