Top 5 Food festivals in Orlando

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Orlando is a melting pot of different cultures and different cultures mean different culinary treats. This has led to the coming up of various food festivals to showcase Orlando’s culinary might to the world. Tourists flock to these food festivals every year to enjoy the treats as they appreciate Orlando’s out-of-the-world delicacies. As a foodie there is no way you can miss the food festivals in Orlando, your taste buds won’t just forgive you. Plan and attend at least one.

To move around as you sample the different food festivals will require a means of transportation. Several companies are offering affordable cars for rent in Orlando that you can get one from. If you are in a group, because it is the best way to enjoy a food festival, consider minivan rental in Orlando with It is advisable to compare prices from at least three companies to get one that will best suit your budget. With your transportation taken care of, now hit the road and enjoy any of these 5 top food festivals in Orlando. If you can attend all of them, even better!

Epcot food and wine festival

This is an annual festival between July and September at Walt Disney World. The four months present an opportunity to enjoy different cuisines from different parts of the world. Apart from food, you can enjoy concerts and activities to keep you entertained as your stomach creates space for another serving.

Get a park pass reservation early enough to avoid inconveniences like being turned away at the gate. Weekends are the busiest days of the festival and tend to attract big crowds. Opt for weekdays or evenings to enjoy it more. There are also fireworks shows every evening that you should not miss. Remember to stay hydrated by bringing a refillable water bottle. The summer months in Orlando can be hot and humid.

Taste of space: Fall bites

This festival takes place at the Kennedy Space Center. It runs from late September to early November. There are 9 fall bites offered in this festival spread across 5 locations. Although the park opens early, you will have to control your appetite until around 11 am when most food items are ready. For an extra add-on fee, you can enjoy the beer dip with pretzel, together with other bites as you chat with an astronaut. Adult tickets go for $75 and $65 for children below 12. You will also require an extra $10 for parking.

Magical Dining

The magical dining experience takes place between late August and early October. This multi-week festival is organized by eateries in Orlando. A three-course meal goes for around 40 dollars throughout the festival. Through this festival, Orlando eateries give diners an experience of their cuisines at a price that’s just a fraction of the normal cost. There are 80 plus local participating eateries from which you can choose from. Dietary options like vegan and gluten-free are also available. It is recommended that you make a reservation as walk-ins are subject to availability of space.

During the duration of this festival, select hotels also offer a discount on accommodation. A part of proceeds from sales are donated to a charity that works with the physically challenged to secure employment opportunities for them in Florida. This festival has raised over $2,000,000 since it started in 2009.

Seven seas food festival

This is an all family food festival that takes place at the Sea world. Every year this festival gives foodies a chance to treat their taste buds with over 50 different cuisines from around the world and more than 200 distinct flavors. There is also a wide selection of fine wine and craft beers you can sample. To complete the equation there are live music shows to keep you entertained.

Food and wine classic

This festival takes place November 11-12 at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin. You are sure to experience a diverse selection of treats from award-winning chefs. Expect fine wine from across the world waiting for you to sample. 

Experienced and certified sommeliers will answer any questions about the wines, including the right type for each occasion. Bring your dancing shoes because there is live entertainment. To cap off your evening there is a fireworks display you can watch under the stars.


Orlando is popular for many things and its food festivals are among the major attractions. We all love a good healthy serving and a good drink to wash it down. Orlando presents just the right opportunity to experience all these. With award-winning chefs gracing these festivals and pouring their soul into the differently prepared delicacies, they are a must-visit!

To move around during the festivals you will need a means and renting a car is the easier option here. To rent a car in the USA is not challenging. There are many USA cars for rent companies that will get you just the right car you will need. Compare several car rentals, settle on one, and remember to book in advance.


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