What are the Benefits of Ordering Stylish Custom Eyelash Boxes?

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You can pack the eyelash extensions in eyelash boxes. Various box styles are available, for example, tray and sleeve, two-piece, straight tuck end, and partial cover packaging.

It protects the eyelashes and extends their shelf life. Besides, there are several benefits of ordering custom eyelash packaging. However, there are infinite benefits, but our experts have gathered key points to highlight its importance. So, no thinking further; let’s read this blog! 

Secures the Eyelashes

Since eyelashes are lightweight and fragile, custom eyelash boxes are much needed. It provides enough space to house the eyelashes and gives them a stylish look. Kraft, cardboard, and rigid are common packaging stock and are customizable in any shape, size, or color.

Plus, the kraft and cardboard stock is quite flexible, shipped flat, and easy to handle. But the rigid box is available in collapsible and non-collapsible forms. It is relatively thick, expensive, and versatile. But all of the stock is 100% recyclable and long-lasting. And the packaging is durable enough to protect the eyelashes.

Different And Practical Packaging Styles

Since we know that the beauty business is all about glamor, color, and shine. Therefore, the brands focus on creating attractive packaging. They prefer practical, affordable, yet stylish custom eyelash boxes. 

So, you can showcase your product in the following styles.

• Partial cover packaging

• Two-piece

• Tray and sleeve

• Tuck front 

• Hang tab boxes

• Straight tuck end

Further, you can print different colors, images, and designs to set apart your beauty brand. 

Organized Boxes

You make wholesale eyelash boxes spacious and organized with custom inserts. The trays are placed inside the box, creating enough space to house different types of lashes. Moreover, it provides an ease to the customers, who can easily move the inserts in and out. Thus, they can pick their favorite lash and put it back after use.

And the best feature? The cardboard or kraft inserts prevent the lashes from tangling or intermixing. Hence the custom dividers are versatile add-ons and they add extra protection to the boxes!

Brand Marketing

Do you know that partial cover packaging acts as a silent salesperson? Yes, the boxes with windows give an insight into the cosmetic display boxes. And it briefs the buyers about the lashes type, color, and quantity. 

Plus, if the custom printed eyelash packaging is excellent, customers become word-of-mouth advocates. Thus eventually, your brand becomes the talk of the town.

However, you can validate your packaging with a unique logo design. It looks attractive and sets your brand. Besides, it encourages the customers to buy. 

Impresses the Customers

There is no denying that beauty brands pay attention to eyelash quality and packaging. And it is important to note that both elements are equally important.

Therefore, you can attract and impress potential customers with handy packaging. You can add hang tabs on any box style. As the name tells, it is a hanger, and you can place the wholesale eyelash boxes at the sales stand. Thus, you can hang it anywhere and instantly grab the customer’s attention.

Beautiful Promotional Packaging

It is admitted that small to large-scale beauty brands send PR packages to influencers. And their followers religiously follow their reviews.

So, brands spend a fortune designing high-quality boxes to impress the audience. Thus, you can embellish the boxes with ribbons, stickers, cards, or ribbons. You can attach them at the top and give the consumers a premium unboxing experience. 

So, you can launch your latest eyelash collection with beautiful subscription packaging.

Reduces the Global Packaging Waste

Our printing press has cutting-edge machinery that designs the perfect size box. You can pick any box style, size, inserts, or PVC sheet, and we will design in the exact dimension.

It makes eco-responsible consumers happy and turns them into loyal customers. And above all, it promotes smart packaging and provides customers with frustration-free packaging.

Lastly, the perfect-size eyelash box secures the lashes and prevents them from damage. As a result, makeup artists, beauticians, and women can easily place them in their beauty kits. Thus right, the size packaging is both user and planet friendly!

Adds a WOW Factor to the Packaging

There are numerous ways to impress customers. But inside printing is one of a kind. The moment the buyer opens the box, it is worth filming. You print the brand name in a bold and stylish font. It instantly hooks the customers who fall in love with the exclusive packaging.

Further, you can add more style and shine with custom surface laminates. We have a hot foil stamping technique, and it gives accurate printing results. Besides, you can combine this method with other techniques. You can fill the embossed and debossed artwork with colored foil. And it looks stunningly beautiful and eye-catching.

Hence inside printing lets you channel your creativity and bring your dream packaging into reality. 

Why Choose iCustomBoxes?

We have taken customized packaging to the next level with our creative box styles and printing techniques. Our in-house team understands all your packaging needs and designs custom printed eyelash boxes accordingly.

If you are on a tight budget, you can select our MOQ policy and order a minimum of 100 boxes. And at iCustomBoxes, we manufacture short-run and bulk orders with perfection.

Since customer satisfaction is our top priority, we share the digital mockup. So, it gives a clear picture of the box style, color, size, and printing. 

Lastly, our quality control team checks the minute packaging details, and if it’s not up to the mark, those boxes are discarded. Thus, jump on the bandwagon and experience premium packaging at affordable rates.

Do you want to know more about our services? Visit icustomboxes.com or talk to our experts at +1-800-347-2197, and they will brief you about our customized services.

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