Why Should Developers Suggest Their Clients To Embed Instagram Feed?

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According to Statista, Around 1.4 billion people use Instagram. And over the past few years, brands have also been on Instagram, leveraging its benefits at its best.

Surprisingly, the usage of Instagram has not been limited to the platform itself. But brands are also bringing their Instagram presence to their website. 

In the quest for social proof, many have started to embed Instagram feed on their website. However, if you search online, there are no solid answers from any marketing professional. But in this blog, we will walk you through five reasons developers suggest their clients embed Instagram feed on websites. So without any further ado, let’s see what we have for you. 

5 Reasons To Embed Instagram Feed On Website 

You can use a social media aggregator tool when embedding Instagram feeds on websites. Most of these tools are code free, even for a non-tech-savvy person. Therefore, you can handle these tools very well. Have a look at the benefits of embedding Instagram feeds on websites. 

#1 Seamless Experience 

In a customer-driven marketing scenario, creating a simple experience is the easiest thing you can do to enhance customer experience. For example, when customers start buying, they want a smooth experience. 

Showcasing your Instagram feed on a website helps you gain a seamless experience between your Instagram and website. In addition, it helps visitors to navigate through your social media accounts without getting buffed. 

More importantly, your visitors may also give you a follow on Instagram. 

#2 Easiest Way To Showcase Content On Website

As a business owner, we know you must be wondering about updating website content daily. One of the prime reasons for adding fresh content to websites is to show relevance to ongoing trends. And an Instagram feed is the best way to achieve this. 

As you embed Instagram widgets on websites, you can showcase new content on your website with the real-time update feature of social media aggregator tools. It helps you come off as you have frequent activity online, and Google loves that. 

Showcasing Instagram content on a website can be a money and time saver in advertising. 

#3 Provides Social Proof

Social proof has become one of the most important components of a sales process. Social proof works on the simple idea that people look for reviews and recommendations when they shop. People are no longer interested in buying products after looking at the pictures. Instead, they want recommendations from the people they know. 

Here an Instagram feed can help you. You can showcase testimonials of your actual customers on your website and secure social proof for your business in the most appropriate way. 

#4 Increases Your Website Visual Appeal

Humans have the attention span of a goldfish. If you do not give them enough reason to stay on your website, they might bounce to some of your competitors’ websites. You have only eight seconds to grab their attention and create a first impression.  

To prevent this, you can showcase some engaging Instagram content on the website, such as reels and Instagram pictures. It will help you grab their attention and establish a great impression on them. 

#5 Increases Dwell Time 

Dwell time has a positive impact on your website. In case you are unaware, dwell time is the time the website visitors take to analyze the website. If a web page has a low dwell time, likely, your website did not match the user’s search intent.

Suppose you are considering increasing your website’s dwell time, adding interesting content relevant to visitors’ needs. So, you can add Instagram content to your website in such a situation. 

In A Nutshell 

Remember that your website is the face of your business. If you do not keep it up-to-date, it is obvious that people might lose interest in it. When you embed an Instagram feed on a website, you open doors for many opportunities. We know it sounds intimidating initially, but with the right social media aggregator tool, it is easy and fun. 

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know all the benefits of embedding an Instagram feed on your website, go ahead and see your business grow.

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