Why Split System Air Conditioning Is Best For Your Home

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Air conditioning technology has evolved significantly over the years. Today we have sophisticated air conditioning systems that have transformed the way air conditioning takes place in our interior spaces. The robust features of today’s split system air conditioning make it the ideal option for homes and commercial buildings. Here are the far reaching advantages of split system air conditioning that will tell you why they are unbeatable option for your home.

What is a split system AC

A split system AC consists of an outdoor unit featuring a compressor and condenser and an indoor unit consisting of an air handler. They differ from packaged units which have all the components of the system packed inside a single cabinet. They also differ from window units that feature a fan, coils and compressor inside a wall-mounted box or a window. Here are the advantages of split system air conditioning explained.

Easy to install

Unlike traditional AC systems, split system AC units are easy to install. You do not need to do any duct work. Only an opening of 3 inches diameter is required to connect the indoor and outdoor units. In addition, you only need to create the provision required for mounting the units and accessing electricity. Refrigerant tubes are available in different lengths and hence, the indoor and outdoor units can be apart by around 100 feet.

More energy efficient

Ductwork leads to a high loss of energy in central AC systems. If the ducts happen to leak, up to 30% cooling energy will be wasted. Ductworks installed in unconditioned spaces and ductworks that are not insulated can give way to energy efficiency problems. By offering completely duct-free design, split AC systems can provide a big breakthrough in energy saving.

Other alluring advantages of split AC systems

There are a lot many advantages in split AC systems including the ability to blend well with your décor, noiseless operation, increased security and zoning. For instance, the indoor installation of split AC systems is highly flexible depending on your situation. These systems are also less obstructive as you do not need to dedicate a window for them and there is no need to cut a hole in the wall. The noise emanating from the indoor ductless unit is not more than 19 decibels and hence they are much quieter.

While window units can provide scope for intruders to enter your home, split systems are preferred from the point of view of enhanced security they facilitate. Split AC systems split the interior space into different segments and cool the different areas of the home equally well. With the help of thermostats, you can also limit the cooling to specific zones.

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