Why You Should Consider Purchasing a Nuova Simonelli Espresso Machine for Your Business

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Nuova Simonelli is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the coffee industry. The brand is best known for their commitment to innovation, having developed and produced some of the best espresso machines, grinders, and other coffee-related equipment in the world. Here’s why you should consider purchasing a Nuova Simonelli espresso machine for your coffee business:

Decades of experience for a trustworthy name
Founded by Orlando Simonelli, it is a known fact in the coffee industry that Nuova Simonelli is one of the most trustworthy names when it comes to coffee-related products and equipment. However, every story has a start: the tale of how Nuova Simonelli came to be begins in 1936, in a homemade laboratory in a small town in the Marche region of Italy.

In that small lab, Simonelli invented his very first espresso machine, which he named after the year of its construction. Even then, Simonelli was already an innovator, and his invention was considered well ahead of its time. The 1936 featured a 2-group column that utilized electrical heating, in addition to a mains supply water pressure system.

Throughout the post-war era and beyond, Simonelli continued to produce technologically advanced espresso machines and grow his fledgling business. The company moved to the commune of Tolentino in 1948, and unveiled the Selene in 1950, known for being the very first coffee machine in the world that was capable of continuous dispensing.

Even after Simonelli’s death in 1971, the company remained committed to his progressive vision, evolving with the technology of their time and producing machines that were miles ahead of their competitors. In 1973, Nuova Simonelli released the Elli, an espresso machine designed for use by families and small communities. It was followed by the ISX, the very first coffee machine in the world that made use of electronic components. Nuova Simonelli is also credited with the development and creation of the espresso machine for the home, launching the Mia in 1982.

Honoring the past while setting their sights on the future
Today, Nuova Simonelli continues to be a visionary force to be reckoned with in the industry. With 85 years of experience under their belt and counting, there is no doubt that they know coffee.

Take it from the World Barista Championships: they chose a Nuova Simonelli espresso machine, the Aurelia, as their official coffee machine from 2008 to 2011.

The brand’s flagship products now make use of the latest technology in all of their products while remaining true to their roots. Take the Aurelia Wave, for example–available now on Visions Espresso. An improved version of the well-loved Aurelia, the company has dubbed it “the workflow optimizer” for its impeccable design that offers unparalleled consistency and productivity. The Aurelia Wave is equipped with Aurelia Wave UX and comes with a high-resolution display screen that allows the user to maintain control over the machine. Aurelia Wave UX allows baristas to program settings with a single touch, from desired dosage, boiler pressure, pre-infusion, and more.

The Appia Life is yet another worthy contender. It is an improvement of the well-loved Appia, able to produce up to 250 cappuccinos (for the 2-group version) per day thanks to the combination of the SIS and Easycream systems that are built into the device. Furthermore, the Appia Life features DRYTEX THERMICAL technology insulation for up to 13% less energy consumption compared to its predecessor, the Appia II. It, too, is available now on Visions Espresso.

The best coffee establishments in the world choose Nuova Simonelli, and so should you. Shop Nuova Simonelli espresso machines and other coffee-related equipment on Visions Espresso now.

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